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Organic Home Furniture Goes Mainstream

Organic Home Furniture Goes Mainstream

Organic foods have been around for years, and those worried about the pesticides and chemicals utilized in commercial farming have actually long relied on organics to guarantee that the foods they consume are pure and healthy. Increasingly, however, people who don’t consider themselves to be naturalists or ecologists are welcoming environmentally friendly foods and home furnishings.

Whether out of a concern for the reducing tropical rain forest or for the chemicals found in the carpet that their child crawls on, there is a growing market for eco-friendly furniture and furniture. From natural mattresses made from cotton and wool to wood furniture made from recovered wood, there is a myriad of eco-friendly home furniture from which to choose.

Typically, producers of eco-friendly wood furniture and ornamental wood home furnishings utilize reclaimed timber. Simply put, the wood that is utilized to make furniture was logged long ago and was once a bridge or other structure. By using reclaimed wood, furniture makers recycle wood that has actually currently been logged instead of reducing trees. Similarly, makers of environment-friendly bedding utilize cotton grown on little natural farms or wool gathered naturally raised sheep.

The variety of readily available eco-friendly wood furniture and other wood home furnishings is remarkable. Wood furniture motivated by the Celtic and viking peoples is really popular.

The appeal of Viking motifs is gaining, specifically in ornamental pieces. For instance, a guard featuring Viking sea dragons motivated by historic carvings found in Sweden dating from in between the ninth and twelfth centuries includes a touch of history and mystery to a living-room’s design.
Reclaimed wood is also used to make Egyptian-inspired wood furniture and decorative pieces. An Egyptian precious jewelry box, for example, may feature miniature hand-paintings and sculpted hieroglyphs, while Egyptian candlesticks might include carvings that replicate those discovered on King Tutankhamen’s ritualistic chair.

From rugs to linens, from carpets to wood furniture, eco-friendly furniture save the Earth’s resources while supplying consumers with items rich in appeal and historical significance. Whether one’s tastes runs to antiques, to the Celtic or viking eras, or to the secrets of ancient Egyptian tombs, there are definitely organic choices for home designing.